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A Reservoir of Time

20 Jan - 3 Mar 2024, Objectifs Curator Open Call

Time as we understand is a concept that helps us comprehend the world, with reference to a sequence of events through past, present, and future. The notion of timestream draws upon the parallels between our perception of ‘time’ and the nature of a ‘stream’ – both continually moving forward and never stops.

What if there is a space where this stream flows into and accumulates into a reservoir? A reservoir of time. A space with tributaries from across different points of the timestream flowing in at different rates, where the past, present, and future exist simultaneously.

Manifested as a site that exists across the continuum of time, artists Lewis Choo, Ge Xiaocong, Goh Chun Aik, Hong Shu-ying, and Ivan Ong bring together their individual understanding of time through their artworks – seemingly each representing a different tributary – creating encounters that strive to influence our experience of time. The images and objects presented suggest a collection of memories, traces of activity, possibilities from across the time-space and even alternative timelines; resulting in an overlapping of timelines that prompts us to re-examine our perception of time.

Conceptualised as an exploration into our relationship with time through an artistic lens, the exhibition and its artworks strive to offer opportunities for us to consider alternative ways of thinking about time.

This project is a recipient of Objectifs Curator Open Call 2023. The exhibition would not be possible without the valuable support by the Objectifs team, as well as the mentorship of programme mentor Dr Bridget Tracy Tan, as well as everyone who helped to realise the exhibition in one way or another.

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