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Process: Roving Ideas

2023, instructional art project

Process: Roving Ideas is a self-guided experience featuring a series of text-based instructions. Taking place all over Singapore, these site-specific instructions serve as prompts for participants to discover a unique experience envisioned by each contributing artist. In doing so, the project aims to uncover the potential of different locations outside of traditional art spaces.

Stemming from a desire to connect more with our environments and to draw out inherent experiences often overlooked in our daily life, the format of the project is inspired by significant art movements such as Fluxus, instructional and conceptual art, environmental art, and relational art. Through its execution, the project also strives to introduce different forms of art appreciation, foster a regular appreciation of arts in our everyday life, and facilitate the creation of shared experiences among the community.

Titled with words that encapsulate the spirit of this project, Process: Roving Ideas is also an anagram of SingapoRediscovers. The project encourages the public to “discover Singapore with fresh eyes” and gain better awareness and appreciation of our surroundings through artistic encounters.

Conceptualised and curated by Goh Chun Aik

Produced by Hong Shu-ying

Designed by gideon-jamie

Copy-edited by Berny Tan

Marketing assisted by Png Wen Xi

Visit project website here.

Process: Roving Ideas on Instagram

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