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All Around the World

2020, online video streams

All Around the World is an online durational project featuring live cameras from different places around the world. In a year where the entire world is put under travel restrictions, cameras and screens function as portals that allow us to transcend time and space. Originally conceived as an exploration in our perceptions across time zones, the work evolves over time as the streams are taken down.


Eventually, all 27 livestreams would stop, as the world carries on.

Created 2 December 2020

18 May 2021: 14 streams live

22 July 2021: 10 streams live

2 December 2021: 7 streams live

15 May 2022: 6 streams live

2 December 2022: 6 streams live

5 September 2023: 5 streams live

27 May 2024: 4 streams live

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