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An Exhibition about Art

22 - 31 Dec 2023, solo exhibition, Hearth at Art Outreach Singapore

Presenting a series of works that delve into the subject of contemporary art, Goh Chun Aik’s first solo exhibition, "An Exhibition about Art," is also a culmination of his personal journey into the art world. Bringing together ideas developed over the past six years, this body of work draws from his personal experiences as an arts worker with no formal training and as an aspiring arts practitioner. These works strive to examine themes such as art’s relationship with its audience, the idea of exclusivity, the role of context, and the art world ecosystem.

He achieves this through an extensive examination and questioning of common materials and phenomena in an art gallery context, such as the press release and the setting of a white cube space. He also reflects upon our surroundings and conceptions of art – from patches of white paint around residential areas to thought experiments that raise questions regarding perceptions. These explorations are centralized upon his dual identity as an arts worker and an artist, which is deconstructed through a performative installation in this exhibition.

Through a wide range of mediums, Goh’s works are manifestations of both his continual bid to delve deeper into contemporary art and his perpetual attempts to understand his relationship with art – as a gallery worker and an artist. Having organized and produced countless exhibitions and programs for various artists over the years in his full-time job, he can now, for the first time, fully demonstrate his artistic practice in the form of a solo exhibition. This exhibition thus serves both as an invitation for the exchange of perspectives on contemporary art and as a personal milestone for him thus far.

More information about the artworks exhibited:

1) Don't Leave Me Here/Please Take Me Home

2) Did the Tree Fall?

3) The Meaning of White

4) Wall-to-wall (Hearth)

5) I am an Artist (An Artist's Practice)

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