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The Meaning of White

2020/2023, photography

The Meaning of White is a series of photos taken in public spaces, where a coat of fresh white paint has been applied onto walls and pillars, possibly to erase vandalism on the walls. The fresh paint contrasts against the aged walls, creating intrigue and prompting contemplation upon what lies beneath these blocks of white on white.


When I chanced upon these curious patches, I began to imagine the possibility of viewing them as artworks in their own right; paintings by Rothko, Malevich, Ryman, and more came up in my mind. What were the intended messages of the original forbidden works, and what thoughts might the act of painting over works have prompted? I can’t help but wonder how intentions, functions, forms, colours, and the environment come together to define our perceptions and prescriptions of value and legitimacy to what we see around us.

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