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Hidden Reflection: works from art workers, ShanghART M50, Shanghai, 20 Jul - 14 Sep 2024

My boss told me to not do exhibitions

ShanghART Singapore

24 Feb - 28 Apr 2024

no exhibition.jpg

Few years ago my boss once told me “don’t do exhibitions”. I was very confused as I am working in an art gallery.

Since we don't have anything planned currently, I decided to see how many exhibitions we can put up within two months instead.


"My boss told me to not do exhibitions" is a project exploring the making of exhibitions in a commercial gallery as durational performance. It is inspired by the words of my boss, and also a response to the expectations of an art gallery to have exhibitions on view.

The process of putting up exhibitions in a commercial gallery will be unveiled to the audience, as the fluid team of hardworking gallery staff strive to present as many exhibitions as they can. The invisible labour of gallery workers will hopefully be brought to light, as I also seek to examine the notion of art exhibitions, and to invite reflection upon how we view and consume exhibitions.

Come look at art, talk about art, and perhaps even join us in the performance.

More information on ShanghART website.


A Reservoir of Time

Objectifs - Centre for Photography & Film

20 Jan - 3 Mar 2024

A Reservoir of Time KV.jpg

Referencing the notion of timestream in how we often draw parallels between our perception of time and the nature of a stream - both continually moving forward and never stops - A Reservoir of Time imagines a site where different points across the timestream flow into and accumulate into a reservoir.


Conceptualised as an exploration into our relationship with time through an artistic lens, the exhibition and its artworks strive to offer opportunities for us to consider alternative ways of thinking about time.

This exhibition is a recipient of the Objectifs Curator Open Call 2023 and features artworks by Lewis Choo, Ge Xiaocong, Goh Chun Aik, Hong Shu-ying, and Ivan Ong.

More information about the exhibition.

More information on Objectifs website.


An Exhibition about Art

Hearth at Art Outreach Singapore

22 Dec - 31 Dec 2023

AEAA poster design FINAL.jpg

An Exhibition about Art brings together ideas that I have been developing across the past six years, as I navigate through the artworld as an arts worker with no formal training and an aspiring arts practitioner. While this series of conceptual works are presented as manifestations of my ongoing attempts to look deeper into contemporary art, the exhibition is also a personal milestone and a culmination of my experiences through this journey so far.

More information about the exhibition.


Process: Roving Ideas

Singapore Art Week 2023

6 Jan 2023

Process: Roving Ideas

Process: Roving Ideas is a self-guided experience featuring a series of text-based instructions. Taking place all over Singapore, these site-specific instructions serve as prompts for participants to discover a unique experience envisioned by each contributing artist. In doing so, the project aims to uncover the potential of different locations outside of traditional art spaces.

Stemming from a desire to connect more with our environments and to draw out inherent experiences often overlooked in our daily life, the format of the project is inspired by significant art movements such as Fluxus, instructional and conceptual art, environmental art, and relational art. Through its execution, the project also strives to introduce different forms of art appreciation, foster a regular appreciation of arts in our everyday life, and facilitate the creation of shared experiences among the community.

Titled with words that encapsulate the spirit of this project, Process: Roving Ideas is also an anagram of SingapoRediscovers. The project encourages the public to “discover Singapore with fresh eyes” and gain better awareness and appreciation of our surroundings through artistic encounters.

Conceptualised and curated by Goh Chun Aik

Produced by Hong Shu-ying

Designed by gideon-jamie

Copy-edited by Berny Tan

Marketing assisted by Png Wen Xi

Visiti project website here.

Process: Roving Ideas on Instagram


Image courtesy of gideon-jamie

Listen, don't ask what bird is singing

Singapore International Photography Festival

16 Sep - 30 Oct 2022


Listen…don’t ask what bird is singing brings together a group of photographers whose contemporary images continue to encapsulate a similar avian-human enmeshment, albeit in a different vein. Within the context of the Anthropocene – an epoch defined by humanity having the most significant impact on the environment – we are sufficiently tied together by the circumstances alone.

Yet even amidst dire straits, the flutter of feathers still bring delight. We still steal some moments to listen to perhaps a last swan song.

Curated by John Tung and Robert Zhao Renhui

More information about the exhibition.

More information about the work.

Install view edit 1.jpg

Installation view, Listen... don't ask what bird is singing


Curatorial text and artwork writeup

Let Us Cultivate Our Garden

Pluritopia Biennale

22 - 30 Sep 2022

Virtual artist studio

Pluritopia is a part of the joint initiative between the National Arts Council Singapore (NAC) and the Arts Council Korea (ARKO) under the signed Memorandum of Understanding in promoting arts and culture exchange between artists, creatives and technologists of the two nations. Pluritopia - produced and curated by Spang & Lei, is centred on the idea of pluralism. Pluritopia is a portmanteau from “plural” and “universe”; where multiple universes exist, collide, and merge. Pluritopia aims to address the current “crisis” & post-pandemic art and technology landscape through a multi-tier Cloud platform.

Cloud Studios is the first tier of Pluritopia Cloud platform. Cloud Studios invites Singaporean and Korean artists, creatives, and technologists across different geographical locations to build virtual environments in the Cloud that will grow into a larger Pluritopia multiverse overtime. These environments are virtual versions of artists' studios dedicated to remote online dialogue, collaboration and experimentation. Pluritopia Cloud Studios is a glimpse into the possibilities for future online remote artistic practices, and collaboration beyond the post-pandemic world.

Residency Period: 10 Dec 2021 - 30 Sep 2022

More information about the exhibition.

More information about the work.

Symposium 2.JPG

Pluritopia Symposium Day 2 Fireside Chat #2, Digital Reimagination: Place illusion in the Metaverse

Virtual studio tour.jpg

Virtual studio tour, Day 5

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