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Don't Leave Me Here/Please Take Me Home

2019 - ongoing, installation, found objects, dimensions variable

2019, paper, 29.7 x 21cm

Don’t Leave Me Here/Please Take Me Home are accompanying works that raises questions on what constitutes an artwork. Don’t Leave Me Here is made up of press releases arranged in the order collected by the artist in his attempts to increase his exposure to art, having not been formally trained in fine arts. The companion piece, Please Take Me Home, is a set of specially prepared press release for the work, printed in limited quantities.

By putting the spotlight on the often-neglected press releases, the installation transforms the materials into objects of memory for the artist as well as a presentation of his explorations into contemporary art. Collected materials become the artwork on exhibition, while the intentionally crafted piece of document for the work is given away for free, albeit in limited editions. The reversal of roles and blurring of lines between works and materials probes the question of what is art and what is not.

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