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When ppl make art it is an effort to connect with the world, the shared reality, and with others. We shouldn't discount that effort to do so, as much as there might be several aspects that didn't come out so well.

It could be that what the person is sharing isn't appealing enough for us (concept), or that the way they are doing it is not inviting enough (form), somewhere somehow the material form of the work does not serve as a capable enough platform for us to enter their world, or that their world is too difficult to enter for other reasons or barriers, and this lack of connection or disconnection is what turns us off from the work.

Stories, explanations, writeups, any sort of supplementary info may help us enter the world more (catalyst), but some beauty may also be lost along the way as the paths have to be made obvious through other means like words and verbal explanations, not within the artwork itself, losing a bit of the magic and poetry of overlapping worlds through art.


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