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This is one of my first tiny little step in becoming an artist. Having not been formally trained, the idea of 'art' is something I had been struggling with and been thinking about a lot. Even now, and I believe, even as I continue on this path.

My exploration into art will partially be about my relationship with art, and about my relationship with the world.

Why do I feel compelled to be an artist? What is art?

What can we do to make the world a better place? To be a better person?

I don't expect to be able to find answers in my journey. But if everyone comes together to think about it, perhaps we will be able to find some potential solutions.

Cooperation, after all, is one of human's greatest abilities.

I will continue to post short-form updates on my journey here, while longer form writings (if they happen) will go under the 'writing' section.


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